SKYE For iPhone: Get Weather Forecasts With Photos From Your Area

While I have previously covered a number of weather apps for iPhone and other platforms, SKYE Weather+Phioto comes with a unique twist. Unlike other apps of its kind such as Weather Now or gMaps Browser, SKYE brings your daily weather reports to life by delivering beautiful photos from your area. These photos are shared by other users, which enhances your experience of acquiring updates.

SKYE Feature Overview

SKYE is compatible with all kinds of iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and comes with real-time updates, hourly and seven-day forecasts, as well as photos of weather from around the world. Horizontal swipe displays place details, whereas, a vertical swipe can be used for a quick switch. Some of the main features of this app include:

  • Hourly and Seven Day forecasts
  • Amazing background images displaying current weather conditions
  • Hourly and seven-day forecasts
  • Real-time reports and weather photos from various places from around the world
  • You can place the current weather data on your photos and share forecasts with friends online (e.g. using Facebook, Twitter, via email or by SMS)
  • You can save and organize cities for forecasts

Download SKYE WeatherPhoto App For iOS

Upload And Share Photos Showing The Weather

You can even upload and share your own weather photos, and view other shared images for an area by scrolling through other user shots of a selected location. With this free iOS app, you can get the clearest picture of the climate outside before leaving for a trip or when leaving for office. Likewise, you can also share your experience of some amazing wonders of nature during a beautiful day.

SKYE WeatherPhoto

The SKYE  app is compatible with devices running iOS version 5.1 or later and works with all Apple mobile devices including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

Download SKYE