Watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos From Outside USA On Kindle Fire

When it comes to the tablet market, Kindle Fire is on fire! This amazing Android based tablet has swept the market with millions of sales in just a few months of its release. When purchasing a Kindle Fire tablet users get one month of free of Amazon Prime, which provides paid members with a lot of privileged access to free media content. However, the problem is that this membership is useless for non US residents. In fact, even if you are a resident of the United States and go to another country, say UK, the premium membership become useless, as you can only use it from within the United States.

World Wide KindleFire is a handy application that resolves this problem for all Kindle Fire users. It makes it possible for non-US residents to access Amazon Prime as if they were sitting in the United States. In other words, it works pretty much like the TunnelBear VPN for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad, which makes it possible to bypass restrictions to access location restricted websites like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc from anywhere in the world.

World Wide KindleFire

World Wide KindleFire works by obtaining a list of new proxies and temporarily unrooting the Kindle Fire device. Hence, this handy application enables non-US users to enjoy their Amazon Prime membership, with media content access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Furthermore, Amazon’s vibrant video quality and great response time makes World Wide KindleFire worth using.

World Wide KindleFire Application

Here are some of the key features of World Wide KindleFire application:

  •  You can easily watch Amazon prime Instant videos from anywhere in the world, which makes it possible to enjoy Amazon Prime from outside of the United States. It forwards your traffic via US servers so that you can watch US only content.
  • World Wide KindleFire does not require you to unroot you device to run Amazon Videos.
  •  World Wide KindleFire automatically unroots your Kindle Fire device on a temporary basis, so that you can run amazon videos. This means that your device will be automatically re-root again when the application stops.


A Rooted Kindle Fire. To see instructions regarding rooting Kindle Fire, check out my post:

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Please see the following instructions before using World Wide Kindle Fire:
1. Press “Start”.

2. Now, wait until “All Done, Ready for use” is displayed on your Kindle Fire screen.
3. Press “Run Amazon Video” button.
4. To return to normal state anytime, press the “Stop” button.


  • Please bear in mind that when you start this application for the first time, it might take up to one minute before you begin viewing content.
  • If you don’t see any content, try the next server by hitting the “Next Server” button.
  • Users can also configure a manual proxy by filling out details in the text box and pressing start.

World Wide Kindle Fire is available at the Android Market for almost free, i.e. $0.99.

Download World Wide KindleFire