Tunnel Bear Now Provides Free Canadian VPN Connectivity

TunnelBear is a famous VPN app for desktop and mobile devices. We covered TunnelBear in its early days of release and later when it came up with the TunnelBear Android app. We also featured it among our list of Free Mobile And Desktop Apps For Accessing Restricted Websites. While TunnelBear previously provided users with the option to connect to a UK or U.S. VPN for accessing restricted websites on your device, you can now also connect to a Canadian VPN.

Tunnel Bear Now Tunnels To Canada!

VPN services are usually quite secure and useful for morphing your actual network to avoid malware and hacking attacks, however, in recent years they have been used as a mode of overcoming restrictions to access location restricted websites. This is because some websites like Hulu can only be accessed via a U.S. connection, hence routing your traffic via a  U.S. VPN service can help you overcome this restriction. Similarly, you can access websites like Spotify by using a UK based VPN connection. This is why applications like TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield and Spotflux are famous VPN apps.

TunnelBear Canadian VPN

Why Use A Canadian VPN?

While I can not think of many reasons why one might switch to a Canadian VPN, however it might help ease the traffic on the U.S. and UK based connections offered by TunnelBear. For example, if there is a website blocked by your ISPs in your country, you might not need a U.S. or UK connection but simply an alternative connection from anywhere but your home country. This is where you can switch to the Canadian VPN as it is likely to be more lag free, as compared to the other congested connections that I personally have been having a lot of problem with when using TunnelBear. In case you would like to know more about TunnelBear, see this link: How To Use Tunnel Bear VPN. TunnelBear works with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad and Android.