Download Windows Server 2012 Beta

Post Update: You can get the Final version of Windows Server 2012 from this link.

While Windows 8 has been creating a lot of buzz since its release at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Microsoft has also released the beta version of the Windows Server 8 operating system. The final build of Windows Server 8 is expected later this year or in early 2013, however, IT professionals can now download the beta build to begin testing and learning about the new features of this server. The beta build is likely to be of immense convenience for those of you who will be deploying this server within a few months, and also for IT Professionals looking to familiarize themselves with this new cloud oriented server from Microsoft. The download link for Windows Server 8 can be acquired from the end of this post.

This Windows Server version offers businesses and hosting providers with a scalable, multitenant-aware, wide ranging, dynamic and cloud-optimized infrastructure. This can help them to step out of the shadow of unstable Linux distributions and walk into a more reinvigorated and hopefully secure server environment. While Debian, ReHat and CentOS have been  catering for a large number of high end servers in data centers and corporate organizations, Windows Servers have been struggling to gain ground. This is perhaps due to the high price associated with the buying of Windows Server licenses. However, Windows Server 8 can definitely become the exception, provided it can cater for the need of cloud based solutions and provide virtualization to reduce IT hardware costs. From what has so far been revealed by Microsoft, this does seem to be the case. In fact, Microsoft has claimed that Windows Server 8 “Takes you beyond virtualization”.Windows Server 8

Windows Server 8 has been designed to enable IT Professionals to more rapidly respond to business needs. It has been developed keeping in mind the willingness of organizations to acquire the power of many servers, without spending an extravagant amount of money on hardware costs. Furthermore, Windows Serer 8 comes with cloud based app support to facilitate modern working style. You can download Windows Server 8 from the Microsoft link given below as an ISO or VHD image. To find out how to convert an ISO image of Windows Server 8 into a bootable installation  media such as a USB or DVD, check out the post: How To Install Windows Server 8 From USB.

Download Windows Server 8