How To Access Windows Home Server 2011 Online From Cloud (Internet)

Windows Home Server 2011 has far more dynamic Remote Access feature than its predecessor.  In this post I will provide you with a walkthrough of the process to access your home server from the cloud, by using  Remote Web Access.  Please Note: before a computer can connect to Windows Home Server 2011, it must have the connector software installed, to see how to do that you can check out the post How To Connect A Computer (PC or Mac) To Windows Home Server 2011.

Before a client computer can remotely access data, Remote Access will have to be enabled from the home server. To enable Remote Web Access, go to the Dashboard and click on Setup Remote Web Access from the Home tab. Then click Turn On to allow remote access. You may required configuring additional Router, Domain or Web Site Settings (if required). This maybe required for advanced enterprise networks.


After that, open the Launchpad from the start menu and login with your Home Server user account.

Start Menu

Once logged in, select Remote Web Access from the Launchpad.


You will be redirected to a webpage, login with your Windows Home Server Account credentials to continue.

Step 1

After you are logged in, you can download shared folder files, stream media content (videos, music, pictures) and access the home server and other computers on the home network from the cloud.

Step 2