Setup Free Media Server To Stream Videos To DLNA Compatible TV, Xbox 360 & PS3 (Play Station 3)

LXiMedia is an open source DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) media server application. It transcode and stream media across a network with other Computers, Xbox 360, Play Station 3 (PS3) and DLNA compatible TVs.

You can also stream media (videos, audio and photos) from one PC and view it (in a browser) on another, without installing LXiMedia on both systems. Similarly, streaming can be done with other compatible devices. See more details below to find out how to setup your own media server.


Launch LXiMedia and select your computers name from the system tray.

This will launch LXiMedia in your default browser and display numerous categories for adding media files. These include Movies, TV, Home Videos, Music and Photos. Click on the Settings to begin setting up your very own media server.

Each category will be displayed  with a complete list of all folder on your hard drive.  For each category (e.g. Movies, TV, Photos, etc), select a folder containing the media file(s). For instance, you may add a folder containing movies, to the Movies category.

After that, go back to the main menu from the Main button and select a category (e.g. Movies, Music, etc). This will display the available files which can be streamed. Double click on a file to begin streaming.

You will be presented with streaming options, including language, subtitle, options. you can optionally transcode and download the file in a selected format from the drop down menu (e.g. DVD PAL). The former can be handy for DLNA compatible TVs. To begin streaming your media content, click Play Now.

The file will begin streaming on the server. The default port is 4280, you can optionally change that from General -> Settings.

To stream the same content on another computer on the network, open a browser, type the server IP  (the system running LXiMedia ), add the port  and hit enter(e.g. Similarly, you can stream your content over an Xbox 360, PS3 or a DLNA complaint TV.

LXiMedia works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download LXiMedia