Get TV Channel Schedules In Windows, Mac OS X & Linux With TV-Browser

A while back, I reviewed MyTVrss web service, which provides TV Show updates via your RSS Reader. Recently, I came across a feature rich desktop application, known as TV-Browser. It provides users with entire TV channel schedules from hundreds of channels. It’s online database includes any famous TV Channel that you can think of including, CNN, ESPN, Cartoon Network, ANIMAX, AXN, BBC World, Sky Sports and many more. You can add programs to a favorites list (from TV Channel schedules) and install multiple plugins for setting reminders, recording control, obtaining ratings, etc. Furthermore, it is a cross-platform software and therefore works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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During installation you are provided with the option to add additional plugins for enhancing TV-Browser functionality. You can also install these plugins later on, once the application is installed.

InstallUpdate Plugins..

The main interface displays a list of hundreds of channels, under a calendar. The schedule for the selected channel is displayed in the left sidebar. To see a TV channel schedule, select the date and channel name.

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You can add/remove channels from the list, from TV listings (drop down menu) –> Add/Remove channels. Other than adding and removing TV Channels from the list, you can also configure options such as time zone settings (for receiving updates according to your time zone), changing position of items on the main interface, adding plugins and adding or removing right-click menu options.

Add remove channels

You can also quickly search for programs by name to see their air dates on numerous channels.

TV-Browser works on the following operating systems:

Download TV-Browser