Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp Quickly Defragments & Optimizes Your Hard Drive

It is a common problem that hard disks suffer from accumulated cluttered and fragmentation over a period of time. The default Windows defragmentation tool can take up a lot of time to perform defragmentation and often leads to high CPU usage during the process without any option to impose checks and balances. A solution to this problem is Disk SpeedUp which is another wonderful free tool by Glarysoft. It is Continue Reading →

How To Overclock Kindle Fire To 1.2Ghz With Custom Kernel

I have previously brought you a number of guides regarding Kindle Fire, including rooting procedures, alternative launchers, temporary unroot, installation of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM and more. This time I have something related to speeding up your Kindle Fire tablet. Ever since XDA-Developers forum member “g1011999” released the sources from his work on the Ice Cream Sandwich build for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, many developers seem to have picked up Continue Reading →

Windows 8 System And Hardware Requirements

Windows Consumer Preview is a beta release of the new version of Windows, which is codenamed “Windows 8.” Below is a complete overview of the system and hardware requirements for installing Windows 8 on a physical machine. These requirements are for the latest Windows 8 Build released by Microsoft. I will be updating this post with newer system requirements as more official versions of Windows 8 are released. You can Continue Reading →

Get Hardware Information For Ubuntu Without Opening Your Computer

HardInfo is a n Ubuntu Linux application which  gathers information about your system’s hardware and operating system, performs benchmarks, and generates printable reports either in HTML or in plain text format. The information is divided in numerous categories including Computer: which contains a system resource summary, operating system, kernel, )file system, display environment variables and other information. Devices: displays information about hardware devices such as the processor, RAM, PCI and Continue Reading →

How To Tests PC Performance For Stress Conditions With StressMyPC

StressMyPC is a portable software which is designed to test your hard disk, graphic card and CPU for stress resistance to help you determine if your system components will do well under stressful conditions, e.g. during heavy gameplay and network load. This can be handy to test the performance of a gaming PC, server or simple a home PC to see if it is giving you true value for your Continue Reading →

How To Get Ubuntu Hardware Information Without Opening Your Computer

Hardware information can be quite hard to obtain for certain components of the system. Nonetheless, having the knowledge about what hardware your computer has can be helpful in avoiding system issues by verifying minimum system requirements for games, applications and other software before installing it. dmidecode is a tool that provides  detailed description of  an Ubuntu system’s hardware, along with other important information such as firmware details and serial numbers. Continue Reading →

Monitor Temperature Of System & Components In Ubuntu With Psensor

System heat up can lead to a number of issues such as damage to computer components and performance problems. Overheating can be caused due to several reasons, including a faulty fan (system supply), wiring issues and blockage of computer’s ventilation ducts. Psensor is a graphical system temperature monitor for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, which displays the temperature of the motherboard, CPU sensors, hard drive and the speed of the fan. Continue Reading →

How To Find Out Hard Disk CPU & Motherboard Temperature, As Well As Serial Numbers

In a previous post I explained How to Find Out Your RAM Slots and other system specifications without opening your PC. In this post I will explain the utility of Speccy, it is an advanced system information and monitoring tool which provides detailed hardware information including the temperature of your CPU,Hard Disk andMotherboard, component’s manufacturer name, model, etc. This portable software is quite useful for monitoring system temperature and to Continue Reading →