10 Best Alternatives For Android Stock Browser

While the Android stock browser offers many nifty features, it does not provide a number of functionalities that users are able to gain from conventional desktop browsers. Perhaps this is the reason why the release of the Chrome browser for Android created so much excitement for Android users. Let’s take a look at 10 best Android alternatives for the Android stock browser and explore the features that make them worth using.

It is worth mentioning here that some of the below mentioned browsers may be more suitable for certain Android devices than others. For example an HD browser may be more suitable for a high-end Android device (to avoid hangs and crashes on low-end Android devices).


1. Dolphin Mini

When I switched to Android and was looking for a better browser than the stock one, my friend recommended the Dolphin Mini browser. This Chrome like lightweight browser not only gives a more spacious look, but is also lighter than the stock browser and also seems to have a better rendering time. For anyone looking for a lightweight and lightening fast browser for Android, I would definitely recommend the Dolphin Mini browser.

The Dolphin Mini browser offers custom gestures, automatic language translation, screen cuts and user agent switching utility. You can read the full review for the Dolphin Mini browser from the link given below, which also provides the Google Play link for the Dolphin browser.

Download Dolphin Mini

Dolphin Mini

2. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is the more high-end version of the Dolphin browser and provides auto-fill, voice control (similar to iOS based Siri application), themes and more. You can find out more details and download the Dolphin Browser HD from the link given below.

Download Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin HD

3. Chrome

While the Chrome browser for Android is still in it’s initial stage, it still provides users with a number of robust features that have been increasing the Chrome market share in the desktop OS sphere. Not only does the Android version of Chrome provide a fast browsing experience, but also delivers a number of useful options such as Omnibox search, Incognito mode, Bookmark synchronization and more. You can install and read more about the Chrome browser for Android via the link given below.

Download Chrome For Android


4. Skyfire

Skyfire is undoubtedly one o the most interesting Android browsers with some unique features. Not only is it a lightweight browser but also provides a “Video” icon that allows users to play Flash videos from the web. Flash support has been an issue for mobile browsers since quite a while and some have even argued that Flash is nearing its end, however, it cannot be denied that Flash is still being widely used and many browsers aren’t simply optimized for it, unlike Skyfire. Sky Fire transcribes videos to the HTML5 format via Skyfire servers to allow users to enjoy Flash videos. However, the performance may vary according to your internet connection and Wi-Fi connections are likely to work better than 3G ones.

Some of the other main features of Skyfire include, user agent switching support, Facebook QuickView, one touch search, Twitter integration, sports, finance, news buttons and Google Reader.

Download Skyfire


5. Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox browser has long been the leading browser for desktop computers. It was the first browser to capitalize on the slow speed of the aging Internet Explorer browser. The Android version of Firefox delivers a minimalist interface, good search options via the URL bar, a vast selection of available add-ons, synchronization of open tabs on your mobile device and loads of other handy features. However, despite the nifty features Firefox arguably provides a slower page loading time, a less responsive pinch zoom and no user agent support.

Download Mozilla Firefox


6. Amazon Silk Browser

When it comes to browsers with a quick website rendering time, Amazon’s Silk browser is definitely a good contender. This is because it uses the Amazon servers for providing an improved website loading performance. Originally designed for Kindle Fire tablets, the Silk browser was ported for other rooted Android devices a while back. You can read more about the Amazon Silk Browser and see the porting procedure from the link given below.

Install Silk Browser On A Rooted Android Device

Amazon Silk Browser

7. Opera Mini

If your are looking for a fast and slick Android browser with a familiar functionality to desktop browsers, then Opera Mini is worth checking out. Anyone who has used the Opera browser on a desktop or laptop computer would know the speed and minimalist interface that it offers with Speed Dial utility, which is a functionality only available via add-ons in most browsers.

Download Opera Mini


Opera Mini

8. Opera Mobile Web Browser

While Opera Mini is the light version of the Opera browser for Android, the Opera Mobile Web Browser is more ideal for faster networks such as 3G or Wi-Fi. If you have a fast mobile internet connection and a medium or high-end Android device, then Opera Mobile Web Browser is a better choice then the mini version.

Opera Mobile Web Browser

Download Opera Mobile Web Browser

9. Opera Mini Next Web Browser

If you don’t mind testing out some features of the Opera Mini browser in advance, then you can try the “Opera Mini Next Web Browser”. It is basically a nightly build version of the Opera Mini browser that provides you with a sneak peek into the upcoming features of the Opera Mini browser. Using this browser might result in encountering some bugs, however, if you are into trying out nightly builds and beta versions of browsers, then Opera Mini Next Web is  worth using. Furthermore, you can also provide feedback regarding Opera features via the Opera Mini Next Web Browser.

Download Opera Mini Next Web Browser

Opera Mini Next Web Browser

10. UC Browser

While it might not be the most well known browser for Android, the UC Browser is a Firefox like browser for low-end smartphones. If you own a low end phone (belonging to Huawei or ZTE perhaps), and are finding it hard to locate a good browser that can cater for your low-end Android device, then UC Browser can hopefully resolve your browsing woes.

Download UC Browser

UC Browser

If you know of a good Android browser that you think deserves to be in this list, then leave a comment below and share your ideas with our readers.