Download Windows 8 Style Metro UI Wallpapers For Windows 7

Since the unveiling of the Metro user interface for Windows 8 by Microsoft, there have been many third party attempts to replicate the Windows UI for Windows 7. Some examples include Omnimo, Pulmon, Windows 8 Skin Pack and others. If you are a big fan of Windows Metro UI, then here is a mega wallpaper collection containing 65 High Resolution (HD) desktop wallpapers for your desktop. This collection has been created by a deviantArt member by the name of Snipes2. The resolution is 2560×1600 only, but you can obviously¬† crop and resize the wallpapers according to your liking and monitor size.


The total download size of the wallpaper pack is 35MB and can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this post. Wallpapers in this Metro Pack are available in Dark, Glossy and Light shades. Below are a few examples of the available shades. All wallpapers are available with the Windows 8 embedded logo and in plain form.

Glossy Wallpapers

blue 2 glossy windows

dark green glossy windows

black windows

magenta glossy windows

Dark Wallpapers

blue 2 dark windows

dark green dark windows

magenta dark windows

Light Wallpapers

blue 2 windows

dark green windows

magenta windows

purple windows

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Download Metro Wallpaper Pack