Get Windows 8 Style Wallpaper Clock For Windows 7

Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 is a portable application which is a Windows 8 style login screen clock.In an earlier post we showed you how to get wallpaper clocks for Ubuntu Linux, using Screenlets. However, even Screenlets only allows adding wallpaper clocks and does not transform your current wallpaper into one. Windows 8 Desktop Clock provides similar functionality, but instead of providing wallpaper clocks like Screenlets, it allows making any wallpaper a wallpaper clock.

Just launch Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 and it will add time and date to your wallpaper. The font is quite easy on the eyes and the clock provides perfect  integration with the desktop wallpaper, without causing any distortions or issues.

W8 clock

Post Update:

In the wake of the Microsoft release of Windows 8, I have been extensively covering its features. You can get all the latest tips, tweaks and updates regarding Windows 8 from my posts listed here. If you would like to know about any Windows 8 configurations or need troubleshooting guidelines, leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. In case the answer requires elaborate instructions, I will write a post on it.

Download Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7

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