Fully Customize Mac OS X Lion And Leopard Dock With Docker

Docker is a free Mac OS X application which lets you fully customize your dock by accessing hidden dock settings and allows to choose a larger range of dock sizes, extra animation options and much more. Unlike other dock tweaking tools, Docker caters to almost everything related with the dock which includes Dock Style, Icons, Indicator Style, 2D and 3D Dock Style, docked application separator, magnified size of items in Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Ubuntu Unity Settings With Confity

Lately, I have reviewed a lot of Unity customization applications. These include, Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. Confity is an Ubuntu application which combines the features of Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. It allows easily changing and fully customizing Unity settings such as icon size, device view, launch animation, etc within a simple GUI interface. You can grab Confity from the download link at the end of this Continue Reading →

Tweak With Unity 2D Settings & Enable Compositing In Ubuntu Linux

Unity 2D- Desktop Settings tweak is a GUI based app which is designed to get the Unity-2D GConf Settings customized without the need to browse folders or writing convoluted commands. It allows you to auto-hide the Unity launcher, enable composting (transparency and shadows), and view Dashboard with super key.

Assign Custom Hotkeys For Windows Applications And Tasks With ZenKey

ZenKey is an advanced application that allows you to control all aspects of your Windows operating system. Using ZenKEY you can assign custom hotkeys to installed application, create menus, assign actions to launch programs or files, minimize windows as icons, set Windows transparency levels, issue Windows system commands and so on.