Instantly Perform Google Map Search In Chrome With Google Maps Fast Easy Search

Google Maps Fast Easy Search is aChromeextension that allows user to instantly search locations via Google Maps. All that is required is to click Google Maps icon next to the address bar and enter your desired location to initiate search on Google Maps. It also provide location suggestions to help you with searching one specific location quickly. Since it integrates with Chrome right-click context menu, search can also be performed Continue Reading →

Get Voice Direction And Street View On iPhone 5 With Google Maps

People, especially iOS users, might not have realized how much their everyday routine has grown dependent upon Google’s excellent mapping service and the turn-by-turn navigation instructions offered by it. However, when Apple announced that Google Maps will no longer be available as a native iOS app, there was a huge outcry. Apple promised to make up for the loss with a maps app of their own, but when Apple Maps Continue Reading →

SKYE For iPhone: Get Weather Forecasts With Photos From Your Area

While I have previously covered a number of weather apps for iPhone and other platforms, SKYE Weather+Phioto comes with a unique twist. Unlike other apps of its kind such as Weather Now or gMaps Browser, SKYE brings your daily weather reports to life by delivering beautiful photos from your area. These photos are shared by other users, which enhances your experience of acquiring updates.

Find Friends Using Indoor Maps With Snapp For Android and iOS


If you wish to integrate your social networks with an app that offers location sharing options, then all you need is Snap! Snapp is a free social network app for Android and iOS devices that uses a location technology that comes with indoors maps. With the help of this app you can integrate your social network profiles from Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter and friendswhere, post images and messages from you location, Continue Reading →

gMaps Browser For iOS 6 Brings Google Maps, Street View And Weather Updates

gMaps Browser is a free app for iOS which brings Google Maps with Street View and weather updates to help users find a viable alternative to the dysfunctional Apple Maps in iOS 6. There has always been good map apps in the Apple Store however it appears that since Apple Maps have changed the location of many places on the world map, people have been searching for viable alternatives. While Continue Reading →

Address Of IP Address – Trace Location Of IP Address From Chrome


Address of IP Address is a Google Chrome extension, similar to previously reviewed IP Geo Locator, that displays more detailed information of a specified IP address right down to its country, city, IP number, longitude and latitude. It also displays a visual map from Google Maps to show the IP location on a map.

StreetView Explorer Lets You Walk Around In Google StreetView Images [Windows, Mac, Linux]

Google StreetView is a feature of Google Maps which provides a panoramic view of numerous places in the world. StreetView Explorer is a portable desktopsoftware which enables you to walk around Google Street View images instead of just viewing them. This open source program grabs image and detailed data automatically from Google StreetView and provides settings to refine the look of the image that your are walking in. StreetView Explorer Continue Reading →