Instantly Perform Google Map Search In Chrome With Google Maps Fast Easy Search

Google Maps Fast Easy Search is aChromeextension that allows user to instantly search locations via Google Maps. All that is required is to click Google Maps icon next to the address bar and enter your desired location to initiate search on Google Maps. It also provide location suggestions to help you with searching one specific location quickly. Since it integrates with Chrome right-click context menu, search can also be performed from right-click menu.


This way you can instantly lookup places from Google Maps without having to visit the Google Maps website. When a search is performed, a new tab is opened that redirects to Google Maps with a map of the searched location.


Alternatively, you can perform search by highlighting a location name and using the Google Maps search option from the right-click context menu. For example, you may be looking for admission in a University or willing to travel to a city for vacation. To instantly lookup its location via Google Maps, you can highlight the name of the city, village, county, etc and perform a search via right click context menu without having to perform detailed online searches or visiting Google Maps separately.



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