5 Best Screencast Software For Creating YouTube Videos

Screencast applications help users create video tutorials and training courses by capturing desktop content. Such tools often provide numerous handy options for adding voice and music to recorded videos, as well as to annotate video frames to provide useful information to the viewer. I myself make use of such applications to provide my readers with video guides which are often added to some of the posts at WML Cloud. These Continue Reading →

How To Take Screenshots With MS Word 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 has brought a wide range of new features for its applications, including some very handy features for Microsoft Word 2013. In a previous post we provided you with an overview of the “New Features of MS Word 2013” and later a tip regarding adding YouTube videos to a Word document. This time we will show you how to capture a screenshot with the built-in utility of MS Continue Reading →

How To Take Screenshots On Google Nexus 7

Taking screenshots on Android devices has been a huge issue in the past however, this feature now comes with built-in support. Moreover, there are a number of third-party applications available for Android devices that can help you take precise screenshots in no time. However, many of these applications require a rooted device and for those of you who do not wish to void the warranty of their Google Nexus 7, Continue Reading →

Get Dolphin Browser For Android, Better Than Stock Browser

When I switched to an Android device I found the default Android browser to be quite lack luster and wanted an alternative that can provide me with a better rendering time and more robust options. After a recommendation from my friend I used the Dolphin Browser for Android and was quite impressed by the results. It is arguably a lot better than other alternatives like the Opera Mini browser, as Continue Reading →

How To Take Screenshots On Unrooted Android Gingerbread Devices

It has become quite easy to take screenshots on Android devices after the release of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However, things were not always as simple for Android users. Moreover, many devices are still being released with the Android Gingerbread operating system, which does not provide good quality screenshots if you use the default method. While you can take screen captures in ICS with the combination of Continue Reading →

Get Nanoshot, Advanced Ubuntu Screenshot Taking Application

Many Ubuntu users use the Gnome Screenshot utility, which comes pre-installed with the Ubuntu desktop. While Gnome Screenshot provides a number of handy options, it lacks some advanced features, such as being able to specifically capture the Unity Launcher’s screenshot or capturing video frames. Nanoshot is a screenshot taking application that provides a number of advanced features for capturing screenshots in Ubuntu. It can capture screenshots from web pages, a Continue Reading →

How Take Screenshots With Your Kindle Fire Device

Unlike an iOS device, where you can take a screenshot by holding the Home + Power button, taking a screenshot in Kindle Fire might not be as easy as one would hope. Nonetheless, the procedure is still a lot easier than what it could have been. In this post I will provide you with instructions regarding taking screenshots with Kindle Fire. You can see the procedure by watching the below Continue Reading →

Automatically Take Desktop Screenshots Periodically In Windows

Automatically Take Screenshots is a free screenshot taking software which takes periodic screenshots of the desktop according to a set time interval, in a selected folder. This can be an alternative of making screencasts for recording the system state. Automatically taking periodic screenshots can be helpful for making tutorials, checking system state from time to time (e.g. when running a health monitoring tool), or to create a log of system Continue Reading →

Take Screenshots in Ubuntu & Save Them To Cloud With Lookit

Lookit is a screenshot taking application for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, which allows taking screenshots of an active window, selected area and entire desktop. The screenshot is then saved to the hard drive and can be automatically sent to anFTP server, SSH, Imgur, Omploader or CloudApp. You can also assign custom hotkeys to quickly capture the active window, the whole screen or a selected area. You Continue Reading →

Best Free Software For Taking Screenshots

There are many free software that provide excellent screenshots which can be utilized by authors, for creating presentations, capturing content for analysis, grabbing restricted images from the internet and so on. Some people who are unaware of the free alternative apps , resort to paid ones. So here is a list of some of the best screenshot taking applications.