Angry Bird Space – They are back (Part 1)

If you have an iOS device, chances are you have at least one version of Rovio’s ever popular Angry Birds saga. The casual game app has seen possibly the greatest success from the boom of the mobile gaming market. In fact, Angry Birds has even started to move onto PCs and it can even be played on television sets with a “Roku” device.

Since its creation, Rovio has released three stand-alone Angry Birds games; Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. These iOS goldmines have produced an amazing amount of revenue for Rovio and the original Angry Birds has sold over 12 million copies in iOS across the Apple and Android App Stores.

Who could have ever guessed that flinging cartoon birds at little green pigs would become such an entertaining phenomenon?

Angry Bird Space - They are back_1

It’s been a while since Rovio’s last stand alone title, although they have been constantly updating their previous games with new levels and exciting new things like the “Mighty Eagle” and the “Mighty Dragon.” But anyone who is a diehard Angry Birds fan has already beaten all the games and levels at least three times over. Fans have been clambering for something new, exciting, fresh. Something that is truly revolutionary.

Well, Rovio has apparently been listening because the company is planning to release the “next big thing” for Angry Birds. This almost guaranteed hit Is called “Angry Birds Space,” and is promising to be an “out of this world” adventure. As you can probably already guess, this game will make its setting high above the atmosphere as the Angry Birds crew battles sneaky pigs in the far reaches of space, although Rovio hasn’t released much information as to why the birds and pigs have found their way off Earth. However, thanks to The Dally we know quite a bit about what to expect from this highly-anticipated upcoming release.

New Birds

Rovio has released a glimpse of their protagonist line-up. Most of these birds perform the same tasks that they did in the first three titles, but some of their powers and abilities have been ramped up. There is also a new member that has an interesting power. There is a little more detail here as developers have given each one of the birds their own “background story.”


Red is defined as the fearless leader of the flock. He is a heroic and unstoppable force that is determined to get his family back to Earth. Red has a special item called Uber Goggles, which allow him to see predetermined flight paths. This can help Red to create the maximum amount of destruction to those pesky swine. From the videos I have seen. Red operates almost identically to the Red colored bird from the other games.

Angry Bird Space - They are back_2

Lazer Bird

Lazer Bird is the upgraded version of the yellow colored bird from   the previous titles. Lazer is defined as the best friend and “confidant” of Red. This bird also has a knack for practical jokes and is often pranking his squad mates with elaborate jokes. Lazer Bird’s special power is super speed. By tapping the screen, this bird will rocket towards piggies and objects.

Angry Bird Space - They are back_3

The Blues

The Blues are the youngest and smallest members of the flock. This team of three is normally caught getting     into mischief, which can cause great stress for the rest of the group. Their uncanny ability to shatter through ice with ease makes them a very useful tool in the freezing darkness of space. These guys operate just like their counterpart from previous titles. By tapping them after launch, they will split into a formation of three.

Angry Bird Space - They are back_4

The Incredible Terence

Remember that big, hulking, and angry red bird called Big   Brother? Well he’s back, he’s bigger, and for some reason now he’s green. Terence is identical to his red counterpart and can cause damage to structures and pigs on a massive scale. Defined as being a loner and incredibly hard to control, the rest of the flock usually just lets Terence do whatever he pleases. It is said that the hulking avian finds much entertainment in popping piggies. Terence does not have any special powers, aside from his massive girth.

Angry Bird Space - They are back_5


Bomb is back  and bringing his fiery rage with him. This hothead is defined as being highly volatile and easily irritated. Usually sequestering himself from the rest of the flock, Bomb doesn’t like being disturbed or under stress. In fact, when he gets too stressed out he explodes, literally. This bird acts just like he did in the other titles, although this time he comes equipped with a heat shock wave. Whether he is detonated upon impact or by the touch of a finger, his combustive nature will incinerate anything in his blast radius.

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