New Features Of Windows Phone 8

After a lack luster performance by the Windows Phone 7 in the smartphone market, Microsoft is finally looking to clean up its act and provide users with a more robust smartphone operating system. The Windows Phone 8 is nearly ready for release and some of its new features were recently provided at the Windows Team Blog. We earlier covered a few details about the extraordinary new features of WP8. This time we will take a more in-depth look into the extraordinary features that this spectacular new OS has to offer, including the revolutionary options for gamers.

Windows Phone 8 is the most advanced mobile operating system that Microsoft has ever developed and will be available with powerful multi-core processors by the end of 2012. Interestingly, many of the capabilities of this WP8 OS come from none other than the Windows operating system. This is because WP8 has been developed on the same core technologies that power Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 OS. This means that users will be able to enjoy some of the many familiar features that they have been using on a PC. Since Windows is already used by a billion users, the impact of Windows Phone 8 can be extraordinary.

Windows Phone 8 Look

Powered By Windows 8: Windows Phone 8 shares many features with Windows 8, including everything from networking, security, web browser technology, media to the file system. The result of this is better performance and the ability to handle superior hardware.

Windows 8 WML Cloud

  • Multi-core Processing: Windows Phone supports multi-core processors and therefore is fully capable of delivering robust performance for applications and overall functionality.
  • Larger HD Screen: Windows Phone 8 supports resolutions as good as 1280×768 and 1280×720, which means that users will be able to enjoy HD displays up to 720p.
  • SD Card Support: Windows Phone now supports removable MicroSD card support, which means that users can now store more data and use WP as a mini PC.


  • NFC wireless sharing: As you might have heard, “NFC” is a wireless technology for sharing things over a short distance. The new Windows Phone is loaded with NFC support that can be used for conveniently sharing photos, documents, and other types of information.
  • Wallet: If you are tired of the Android wallet app, then you can switch to the more smooth digital Wallet that can keep debit and credit cards, coupons, and even boarding passes for you. Furthermore, you can even pair it with a secure SIM and pay your bills at checkout counters with your new Windows Phone.

NFC Support

  • Device Encryption: Windows Phone 8 provides built-in features to encrypt the entire phone, such as your personal files or even the entire device.
  • Remote Management Support: If you are a system administrator (like I have been), then you might find it convenient to use your Windows Phone to manage applications and devices remotely, with the help of remote management options similar to the ones found in a Windows PC.
  • Company Hub: Companies can create their Windows Phone Hub for using custom apps and for working with critical business data. An example of the Company Hub can be seen from the image given below.

Company Hub

  • Internet Explorer 10: If you are used to the Internet Explorer browser, then you will be pleased to know that Windows Phone now has the power of IE10.
  • Better Maps, Apps And Games: Windows Phone 8 has built-in Nokia maps and will also deliver a new set of apps and especially games.


For a demo of the latest Windows Phone operating system, check out the video given below.