How To Clear Android Status Bar in A Single Tap

One of the biggest annoyances that an Android user must face are the various notifications that appear on the Android Status Bar each time you receive a message, install apps for Android or receive application updates. This can be quite annoying as Android newbies often try rebooting their phones to clear a crowded status bar or even try to tap each notification to clear the bar. If you have been Continue Reading →

Send SMS From Android Tablet Using Your Phone Number With Tablet Talk

Tablet Talk is an SMS app for sending and receiving text messages on your tablet using your personal mobile number, just like your phone! This app has been designed for Android based tablets like Google Nexus 7 and other types of large screen Android tablets. With the help of this handy app you can integrate almost every feature of your mobile phone such as sending and receiving SMS, with other Continue Reading →

Best New Year Live Wallpapers For Android

The New Year has finally arrived and it’s time to decorate your Android devices with some adorable New Year Live Wallpapers. Yesterday, I covered a list of some of the Best iOS apps for the New Year and now it’s time to bring something special for our Android readers. Hence, I have compiled a list of some fine Android live wallpapers that are likely to lighten up your mood and Continue Reading →

LockerPro Gives iPhone Style Lock Screen Notifications On Android

LockerPro Lockscreen is an Android app that brings iPhone style lock screen notifications  to Android devices. It is available at Google Play and can become your most preferred  Android lock screen replacement. Normally, one might require unlocking the Android lock screen to view various notifications, however, getting such alerts simply from your lock screen can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.

How To Access Developer Options On Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Google has rolled out the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, which along with many welcome changes came with  a nasty surprise. After the OTA update for the GSM/HSPA+ versions of Galaxy Nexus devices, some users (after the update) found out that updating to 4.2 resulted in the absence of “Developer Options”. Anyone willing to root their device or Android developers require accessing these options on a frequent basis, e.g. to Continue Reading →

How To Enable USB Debugging In Google Nexus 7

Enabling USB Debugging is one of the most essential parts of performing various interesting tweaks and hacks on an Android device. For example, you require enabling USB debugging to unlock or hack an Android device, as well as to perform customizations such as the installation of new ROMs. If you have just bought yourself a new Google Nexus 7, then here is the process for you to enable USB Debugging Continue Reading →

Make Windows 7 Look Like Android Jelly Bean [Skin Pack]


Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack is a Windows 7 transformation pack which can give your Windows 7 operating system the Android Jelly Bean look. This amazing skin pack has been created by Hamed, who also developed the Android Skin Pack Range, as well as the Windows 8, Mac OS X Lion and Ubuntu Skin Pack. The Jelly Bean skin pack can be easily installed to transform the look of your Continue Reading →

How To Enable Offline Speech Recognition On Google Nexus 7

Speech Recognition has become an essential feature of portable devices including smartphones and tablets. However, acquiring this functionality offline is not always all that simple, in fact it is not even available for most portable devices. Fortunately, you can easily use offline speech recognition on Google Nexus 7. This functionality should be automatically available for the Nexus 7 tablet, if you have received the Over The Air (OTA) update for Continue Reading →

How To Take Screenshots On Google Nexus 7

Taking screenshots on Android devices has been a huge issue in the past however, this feature now comes with built-in support. Moreover, there are a number of third-party applications available for Android devices that can help you take precise screenshots in no time. However, many of these applications require a rooted device and for those of you who do not wish to void the warranty of their Google Nexus 7, Continue Reading →