Skip Windows 8 Start Screen, Disable Charms Bar, Hot Corners And Switch List

Since the inception of Windows 8 many users have been attempting to find ways to bypass some of the new features including the Metro Start Screen, Charms Bar and Hot Corners. There have been a lot of applications that have provided the functionality to control some of these features but not all. Skip Metro Suite is a Windows 8 application that allows users to bypass the Start Screen, disable Top-Left Continue Reading →

How To Enable Windows Media Center In Windows 8


Those of you who have installed Windows 8 might have noticed that Windows Media Center is missing among the available applications. A Windows 8 FAQs page has explained that Windows Media Center does not come pre-installed in Windows 8 (at least in the Release Preview). However, you can install Windows Media Center by following the steps given below.

How To Refresh Your Windows 8 PC To Default Settings


Restoring the system to a default system state or performing some kind of error resolution are the kind of measures that can help users avoid the hassle of a clean wipe and load re-installation of the operating system. In Windows 7 users were provided with four measures that could help them avoid a re-installation. One of them was to Backup and Restore a system image, System Restore, Error correction by Continue Reading →

Complete Guide To Windows 8 PC Settings [Metro Control Panel]


A lot of regular Windows features have been altered for the Windows 8 Metro UI. While these features can be accessed and viewed in the same manner as users did in Windows 7, the Metro UI has also provided an alternative view for them. Some examples include, Internet Explorer 10  and the Windows Control Panel. While you can access and use the Windows Control Panel in desktop mode, you can Continue Reading →

How To Install Windows Server 8 (Windows Server 2012)

Since long Windows Server 2012 has been anticipated by IT professionals, so that they can test out the extravagant new features that enable more scalable and robust server management, with integration of cloud based features.  In this post we will walk you through each step involved in the installation of Windows Server 8, followed by an installation video created by us for our readers.

How To Get Back Classic Start Menu In Windows 8

For some odd reason Windows 8 does not come with a Start Orb. This means that users are stranded with the Metro UI, which many have found quite annoying to use on a desktop computer. If you want to avoid the Windows 8 Metro UI, and get back the good old start orb, then you need ViStart. Originally developed for Windows 7 , this application brings back the Windows 7 Continue Reading →

Complete List Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts [Hotkeys]

Here is a list of some cool Windows 8 hotkeys which can help you speed u your tasks and also make it more fun to use the new Metro UI. These include some keyboard shortcuts that can be used with both the Metro interface and classic Windows 7 desktop interface. In case you would like to remove Metro UI and keep the Windows 7 style user interface by default, then Continue Reading →