Organize RSS, Shortcuts, Sticky Notes And More With SlideSlide

SlideSlide is a a portable application to create a distraction-free, dockable workspace with multiple containers which can carry your RSS feeds, desktop shortcuts, sticky notes, pictures, clipboard text, etc. It is highly customizable with options to create an instantly accessible and extensible workspace whilst allows adding multiple shortcuts, RSS feeds, pictures, reminders, notes, etc. The containers are re-sizable, detachable, and shrinkable which provides maximum flexibility to manage your content within the customizable workspace. During installation you get the option to install SlideSlide on the system or keep it portable. You can also choose to show and hide your workspace from the system tray to avoid desktop obstruction.

To begin, just select a container and drag/drop shortcuts, add RSS feeds, pictures , etc according to container type. Hovering over the added pictures provides a preview of the image. You can add/launch application shortcuts to the Welcome container, add sticky notes to the Notes container, check supported keyboard shortcuts  from the Keyboard Navigator, add feeds to the Cybernet container and copy small text snippets to the tips container.


To hide the workspace, choose the Hide Workspace option from the system tray. Clicking on the system tray icon reveal the workspace back.


You can access advanced setting by right-clicking anywhere on the workspace. The Settings tab can be used to configure default container size, visibility, shortcut configurations, managing, effects and so on. You can also resize and drag container manually to adjust its size and location in the workspace.


The Appearance tab provides options to configure the look of the containers with default color, themes and font selection. You can also change the color of a container via right-click context menu option.


SlideSlide contains many handy features within a lightweight and easy to use application. For a complete overview about using its features, check out the below video:

It works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download SlideSlide