4t Tray Minimizer Allows To Pin, Roll & Hide Windows To System Tray

4t Tray Minimizer is a Window management tool which adds additional buttons on top of all windows. These buttons can be used to:

  • Minimize active windows to system tray
  • Roll up windows
  • Make current window transparent
  • And pin windows

It also allows you to use hotkeys to quickly perform tasks. During the 4t setup, you are provided the option to enable hotkeys for various functions, these include, minimizing applications to tray, hiding system tray icons, and minimizing all windows to the system tray. The same wizard also provides you with the choice to enable some or all of the available extra buttons which are to be added to the title bar of all windows.

Once installation is complete, the extra buttons are added to both Windows Explorer and program windows. Clicking on the dot shaped button will minimizes the current window to system tray.


Alternatively, all windows can be minimized to system tray at once, using the Shift+CTRL+M hotkey.


The roll up button rolls up the current window, which is useful for temporarily reducing desktop space consumed by maximized windows (instead of minimizing them).

Roll Windows

Similarly, the Pin button pins the active window to the desktop. To make windows transparent, click on the transparency button. This will to help you view underlying content.


To access options, right-click the 4t system tray icon.

  • You can view or disable system tray icons
  • Enable or disable hotkeys
  • Add exceptions for programs for which you do not wish to add extra buttons
  • Enable ALT+Tab view for minimized icons, auto refresh tooltips and so on

4t Tray Minimizer has both a free and paid version. The Pro version allows you to control the behavior of applications, set custom hotkeys, and other options.


4t Tray Minimizer works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download 4t Tray Minimizer