Add & Simplify Options In MS Excel With Excel Accelerator

Excel Accelerator is a Microsoft Excel add-in which enhances it’s functionality and makes it easy to access built-in options which can be otherwise a bit laborious to find from various sub-menus. For example, it allows custom functions to perform calculations, display Excel 2003 menu style layout, provides vision control options and much more. Although, the developer has mentioned that Excel Accelerator works with MS Excel 2003 and 2007, but I successfully tested the 2007 add-in with MS Excel 2010.

To install this add-in, run the setup file and then access Excel Options from File menu (see below screenshot).

After that, select Excel Add-in from Manage drop down menu and hit Go.

Select Excel Accelerator from the window which will pop-up and click OK.

The Excel Accelerator tab will appear on MS Excel. You can select a number of useful options from this tab. For example it provides access to Formula Tools, allows viewing Excel in version 2003 style menu, provides access to Custom Functions Library, Links, and much more.

Excel Accelerator allows accessing many useful options easily, these include changing letter case, changing numerical signs, converting text to numbers, removing additional spaces, hiding specific sheets, calculating sheets, creating an index of all sheets, deleting empty sheets, duplicates and hyperlinks in a single click, etc.

The Vision Control option allows to reset sheets and easily add or remove gridlines, vertical / horizontal scrollbar, headings, sheet tabs, page breaks and provides the utility to switch to full screen mode.

Download Excel Accelerator