All About Mozilla Thunderbird 5, New features & Download Link

Thunderbird 5 has recently been released with enhanced features. These include, a more robust add-on manager, drag and drop support for separating windows, an advanced and more informative troubleshooting page, a revised account creation wizard, attachments are now displayed with size of attached file(s) and several bug fixes. In this post I will explain the various enhancements of Mozilla Thunderbird 5 and the benefits of these new features.


Other than theĀ  graphical interface changes, one of the most visible features which you are likely to notice in Thunderbird 5 is the improved Add-on Manager. You can now get exclusive information about upcoming extensions, get extension suggestions (Featured add-ons) and use Thunderbird themes and personas for customization purposes.

Add-ons manager

Another good feature is the option to drag and drop tabs for separating windows. Now you can easily drag a tab to another open window and separate it from the combined tabs to view it as a separate single window.


The built-in troubleshooting page has been improved to diagnose Thunderbird problems. You can get information about added mail and news accounts, extensions, modified preferences and send an email to Mozilla administration for support or queries.

Troubleshooting Information

Other enhancements include a revised account creation wizard, attachments displayed with size information and attached images, and plugins are now loaded in RSS Feeds by default.

Inbox - Mozilla Thunderbird_2011-07-01_00-04-54

Mozilla Thunderbird works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

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