Assign Hotkeys To Windows Files, Folders & Programs With WinKey

WinKey is a lightweight tool, which allows redefining keyboard shortcuts by enabling users to assign hotkeys for system folders, programs and web links. Some hotkeys are assigned by default, such as for Control Panel , Network Neighborhood, Printers, system drives, Registry, etc. WinKey can support up to 200 key assignments and requires being active for the keys to work. You can easily minimize it to the system tray, to avoid obstruction during your regular work.

WinKey - Copernic Technologies Inc.

To get started, launch WinKey and click Add button to begin assigning hotkeys for launching applications, folders and web links. Select a file (such as a shortcut or EXE file for portable programs) or folder, followed by a hotkey key from the drop down menu and choose an attribute to assign when the specific file or folder is launched (for example, normal, minimized or maximized window). The Shortkey list contains a number of combinations which can be selected. Assigned short keys can be removed and edited from either the buttons on the main interface or by right-clicking on a name of a file or folder.

Shortcut Properties 2

Overall, WinKey is a handy application that can help you easily customize and speedup your Windows tasks for running programs, launching web links and working with numerous folders. WinKey works only with 32-bit version of Windows based operating systems. Let’s hope that the developer adds support for 64-bit Windows based OS in the future. Currently, WinKey works on the following (32-bit) Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista and
  • Windows 7

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