Create Encrypted Disk Images And Mount Virtual Discs With FreeVDF

FreeVDF is a virtual disk management software which allows creating virtual disks which can be encrypted and password protected. FreeVDF also allows mounting CD/DVD drives images. This makes FreeVDF more than a virtual disk mounting application, as one can create encrypted virtual drives on a computer and password protected the data inside them.

All the major options of FreeVD can be accessed from the system tray. These include creating, mounting, un-mounting and encrypting virtual discs. To create or mount a disk, choose Create option from system tray.


From here, you can either select a disc image (such as an ISO image) to view content inside it or allocate a disk size and assign a drive letter (e.g. E for E Drive) to create a new virtual disk. You can also select Auto mount option to start the virtual disk and system startup. If you enable encryption, you can set a password to further secure your virtual disk.

Mount DVD

The newly created disk will appear in Windows Explorer as long as it is mounted and will work like any system partition. To remove the disk, use the Un-mount option from the system tray. You can therefore, mount and un-mount disk images at will and use them when required.

New Drive

Hotkeys can be set to mount/ un-mount virtual disks and to close FreeVD. You can assign hotkeys by going to Options from system tray.


FreeVD works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download FreeVD