Create Language Tests To Learn New Languages With Open Teacher

Open Teacher is an open source free software which can be used to create tests for improving your foreign language skills. It allows creating a list of pre-defined words with translations in another language for creating tests to analyze your learning skills. Open Teacher is a cross-platform software and therefore, works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The created lists and tests can be saved and loaded periodically checking your foreign language learning progress.

To begin, enter a list title, question language (such your native language) and an answer language (efor example,  a foreign language which you may wish to test your vocabulary for). After that, create a word list by entering the word and translation in the following format question(in e.g. native language)=answer(in e.g. foreign language) . For example

  • one=un
  • two=deux
  • three=trois (English to French). Once the list is complete, click Enter.


This will create your list and allow testing your knowledge against the entered words.

Word List

To test your knowledge, head over to the Teach Me tab and enter a words and an answer such as one=un and hit Check button. Open Teacher will provide the correct meaning and give marks for correct answers. You can select  “Correct Anyway” option to view the right answer and use the Think Answer tab to review your test. To get hints go to Shuffle Answer tab. Similarly, you can go to the Repeat Answer tab to retake the test.


Open Teacher works on

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