Create LEGO Models On Windows & Mac With LEGO Digital Designer

I still remember playing with the cute LEGO brick as a child. Now the LEGO company has created an official application known as LEGO Digital Designer which works like real LEGO blocks on a computer.

It is a free application which allows you to make your very own Lego model on your Windows or Mac. You can either create models from scratch or modify the available designs. The models appear in 3D format and the screen can be rotated from all four angels to get anything from birds eye view to the bottom of the model. All models can be saved in LXF format and later re-edited.

You can either create your own model from scratch by using the Design by Me or select Free build option or edit exisitng models from LEGO Universe and LEGO Mind Storm options.

Main Menu

Designing a model is pretty easy, just select a location on the available area and add bricks from the left hand menu. You can place multiple bricks on top of each other to make your very own model. The simple options on the top menu allow you to hide, delete, paint and conveniently place bricks on the building space.

Select Area

You can remove a brick by either the options from the top menu or by hitting Esc, Ctrl+Z or Delete. The model can be rotated in any direction from the four arrow keys on each side.

Create car

With LEGO Digital Designer, you can create simple and complex models easily. In fact, creating a good model mainly depends upon your ability and imagination, rather than any imposed limitations of the app.

Complex model

You can save a model from the File drop down menu in LXF format and later import it for making changes. Interestingly, you can buy your created models from the Buy button. A selected model is instantly priced in the currency of your selected country. In case you decide to buy the model, you are delivered a box containing the bricks for your very own model.


LEGO Digital Designer works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X

Download LEGO Digital Designer