Create MS PowerPoint Time Lines Easily With Office Timeline Add in

Office Timeline 2010 is a free Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 and 2010) add-in which can help you create an office timeline in just 2 minutes. Once this add in is installed, it provides simplified options for you to enter relevant data, after which the data is translated into a Microsoft Office Power Point timeline. This timeline can then be further edited (if necessary) to suit your needs.

This add in can be installed by simply launching the installation setup from the EXE file. It is quite easy to use and helps create a timeline graph representation of key events without having to use the complicated MS PowerPoint options or having to manually add shapes, text, lines, etc to create a timeline.

When Office Timeline 2010 is launched, it displays a demo to walk you through the timeline creation process. You can hit ESC to close the demonstration.


This add in automatically adds an extra tab to MS PowerPoint Ribbon with many useful tools for timeline editing and creation. To create a fresh timeline, click New button.


This will start a timeline creation wizard. In the first step, enter milestones of certain project with a custom color, event date, and title for each milestone. To add more milestones click on the + button. Once the milestones are added click Next.

Step 1

In the next step, enter the intervals/phases. Like milestones, you can select different colors to distinguish each phase/interval on the timeline. For each phase, a start and end date can be added, along with the completion date of each phase. The Shapes option allows you to change shapes for each interval. Once all data is entered, click Finish to create the timeline.


The created timeline can further edited from the Office Timeline tab. For example, you can change timelines types, create tables, add additional milestones or intervals and so on. And this is how you can create an office timeline as quickly as 2 minutes.


You can also watch the demo video below to see Office Timeline 2010 in action.

Office Timeline 2010 works on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010.

Download Office Timeline 2010