Easily Edit Videos And Create Panoramas With VReveal [Free]

vReveal is a free video editing software, which allows easy video editing, creating panorama images (from videos) and grabbing video snapshots. It comes with many basic video editing features and is easier to use than Windows Live Movie Maker and can be used as a viable alternative for it. Using vReveal, you can edit videos, add titles, fix sharpness, color and contrast issues, fix shaky scenes by stabilizing them and save edited videos in supported video formats. For more information, see the below post, followed by the download link.

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vReveal automatically scans your Videos, Pictures and Desktop folders for detecting media files. However, you can select specific folders to grab media files, by clicking “let me select specific folders to scan” option.


After a video or media file is detected, click Edit to begin editing the video. Using the available options, you can add or remove video frames, and adjust other attributes such as video sharpness, aspect ratio, effects (adjust and add effects), focus, white balance, saturation and the like.


Other than editing videos, you can additionally create panorama images from video frames.


Once the video has been edited, you can save it in WMV or AVI format. It is worth mentioning here that vReveal has a free and paid version. Both the versions allow editing and saving videos. However, HD-video editing can only be performed using the paid version. Moreover, video editing and saving in the free version is limited to 240p and 480p, whereas, other formats like 720p and 1080p (HD formats) require the paid version. Nonetheless, you can can edit and save HD videos to lower resolutions, hence circumventing the paid version limitation to some extent. When saving a video, you can also adjust the video quality by clicking Advanced button and adjusting the Quality slider.


You can also share your edited videos via Facebook and YouTube, using the sharing buttons at the bottom of the interface.


Although vReveal is quite an easy to use, alternative video editor for Windows Live Movie Maker, it does have a few drawbacks. These include the above mentioned editing limitations and a few ads(upgrade ad on the main interface and during the installation process). On a personal note, I found vReveal editor to be quite a useful software, with handy options and acceptable limitations (for it’s free version). vReveal works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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