Extract, Merge And Convert PDF Files With pdfMechanic

pdfMechanic is a portable software which can be used to add multiple PDF files to create a PDF compilation. You can extract a specified page(s) and convert PDF files to TXT and HTML formats. This cross-platform app is quite lightweight and performs the specified tasks within a flash. It is an open source application and works with Windows and Linux based operating systems. With pdfMechanic you can easily covert, merge and extract PDF files easily.

To merge two or more PDF files, go to the Merge tab, click Add and select the desired files,  an output folder (from the Save as) and click Merge to compile the files. The merged files will be compiled in the  sequence in which they are added. If you would like to change the sequence, use the UP and Down buttons.


The Extract tab allows separating copies of specified page(s) from  a PDF file. Select a file, followed by an output path, specify a single page or page range and click on Extract button.


HTML and text file conversion can be done by the same method from the Convert tab. Add a file and output path, then choose a conversion format (e.g. HTML or Text) and click Convert.


pdfMechanic does not damage or change the selected files and provides an output file with the assigned changes. This means that e.g. if you merge two documents a new file is created and the old files remain as they are.

pdfMechanic works on Windows based operating system including the ones mentioned below:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Linux based operating systems (such as Ubuntu And Debian).

Download pdfMechanic