Get 8start Launcher, A Stylish Shortcut Launcher And Countdown Timer

8start Launcher provides a simple mechanism to achieve a clutter free desktop. It acts as a shortcut launcher which can be used to add program, file and folder shortcuts. You can place your important shortcuts on 8start Launcher and avoid piling up too many desktop shortcuts. It provides the option to add separate categories which makes it easy to house shortcuts in convenient sections.

Shortcuts can be added to 8start Launcher by dragging them over to a category. You can add, rename, move  and delete categories via right click context menu. This allows creating and managing separate categories to easily organize your Program, folder and file shortcuts. 

Right-click menu

When a shortcut is added to a category, you are provided with the option to delete the source shortcut. In case an entire file or folder is dragged over to 8start, it warns you that the there will only be a shortcut created for the selected file/folder and the file/folder should not be deleted from its source.


To change the main interface skin, double click on anywhere on the borders of the main interface. This will display a list of available skins. Select a desired skin and click Change to switch to the selected skin.


Some skins might seem slightly larger than others which makes it possible to select a skin which may be more suitable in accordance to your wallpaper color and needs. For example, the Black Glass skin is transparent, whereas,  Block Notes is slightly larger with an opaque background.


8start Launcher also provides a count down utility which can be accessed from the system tray. Just select a time frame for the timer and hit Start to display the countdown from the system tray.


It must be noted that there is not exit button for the application for now and so you might have to use the Task Manager to close it. 8start Launcher works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download 8start Launcher