Get StandAlone Gadgets Pack, Stylish Gadgets For Windows 7/Vista/XP

StandAlone Gadgets Pack is a Windows  gadget pack for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP which contains a large number of stylish and useful widgets for your desktop. The available gadgets provide weather updates, network bandwidth usage stats, audio player, Gmail mail count, battery power, library shortcuts, Google News updates, date and time display, etc.

When you launch the setup file, you will be asked to click an Ad to activate the product. Once the product is activated, a folder will appear on your desktop containing the installation file. Launch this file and follow the simple wizard to install the gadgets pack. Make sure you are running as administrator. The developer has advised not to extract the compressed folder when running the setup file.

You can close an individual gadget or exit the entire gadget pack by right clicking on a gadget to access the Close gadget and Exit options.

Close Widget

By default a window remains open on the screen with extra gadgets. You can close this gadget window to give your desktop a cleaner look. This window can be brought back from More Gadgets option via right-click menu. To use the audio player gadget, click on the musical note icon and click a file to play it.

StandAlone Gadgets Pack works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download StandAlone Gadgets Pack