Get Windows 7 Style Wallpaper Rotation In Ubuntu Linux, DesktopNova

DesktopNova is an Ubuntu wallpaper rotation application which switches the desktop wallpaper after a set time interval. This is similar to the Windows 7 style rotating wallpaper feature.

Wallpaper 2

To install DesktopNova in Ubuntu, enter the  the following commands in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install desktopnova desktopnova-module-gnome

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install indicator-desktopnova

After that, launch DesktopNova to set your desired settings. the above mentioned commands include installation for the system tray indicator as well.

Launch System tray Indicator

You can access settings from Preferences vi the system tray option.


To add wallpaper images for rotation, go to the Images tab and file(s) or folder(s).


You can set desired wallpaper rotation time frame from the Settings tab.


Note: Make sure you click on Start Daemon from Settings to ensure that the Daemon is running.

For the Daemon to work, you will require selecting at least one module, click on Modules from Settings and select a module before you start the daemon (which will enable wallpaper rotation).

Module 2

Once the daemon starts, wallpaper rotation will start.


DesktopNova can also be compiled for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSuse from the package available at the Launchpad link given below.

Download DesktopNova