How To Archive Messages In Mozilla Thunderbird To Reduce Inbox Clutter

Mozilla Thunderbird is considered to be a viable free alternative to paid email clients such as MS Outlook. Archiving messages in an email client can be useful for moving old or less important files to a separate folder or location to reduce inbox clutter. In this post I will show you how to easily archive messages in Mozilla Thunderbird to move them to a Thunderbird or local hard drive folder.

First of all create a new folder to save your messages, I named my folder “Archived Messages”. In case you wish to save the emails to a folder on your hard drive (such as perhaps a system partition like a D Drive), then skip this step.

Create New Folder

Now, go to Tools –> Account Settings from the drop down menu on top (as shown below).

Account Settings

Select a Mozilla Thunderbird folder or a location on your hard disk to save the archived messages. To move an email to the archive, click on the email and hit “A” hotkey or right-click on it to move it to the archive folder. You can also select emails (using Shift while clicking on them) to move multiple emails to archive simultaneously. And that’s how you can easily save and backup your Mozilla Thunderbird emails.

Select Folder