How To Create Windows 8 User Account (Local User & Windows Live User)

Creating users in Windows 8 from the Metro user interface is a bit different from previous Windows operating systems. This is not only because of the location of user creation options and its procedure, but also because one can create both a local or Windows Live user to log into Windows 8. In this post I will provide you with a complete walk through regarding the creation of user accounts in Windows 8. This includes the creation of both a local user (conventional user) account and a Windows Live (Hotmail) user account. The Windows Live user account requires you to provide a Microsoft ID associated with Windows Live Mail (, Hotmail ( or MSN ( You can also log into an ID from a different service provider (such as Gmail), provided your account has Microsoft Passport enabled (see below instructions to find out more).

How To Create A Local User Account (Common Windows User Account) in Windows 8

Step 1: To create a local user account, go to the Metro UI by clicking Start button or by by hitting the Win (Windows icon  key) from your keyboard. After that, click your account name from top of Metro interface and select “Add User”.

Add User

Step 2: Once done, the user account creation wizard will start and you will be presented with two options, including one to create a conventional user account and the other to log on to your PC using a Hotmail account. Since we are creating a local user, we will select “Local account” option.

Local User Account

Step 3: Now, select a username (e.g. user1), password and a password hint (to remember your password). Click Next to continue.


Step 4: Your user account has now been created, click Finish to close the account creation wizard.


You can now log in anytime from this account.


How To Create A Windows Live (Hotmail) User In Windows 8

The process for creating a Windows Live (Hotmail) user is quite identical to the creation of a local user.

Step 1: Click Add User (as show in the first screenshot above).

Step 2: Click on“Windows Live ID” button from the user account creation wizard.

Windows Live Account

Step 3: Enter your Windows Live (Hotmail) ID (e.g. and click Next to continue. The I.D. can be from any of the supported Microsoft accounts such as Windows Live, MSN or Hotmail.

Live ID

Step 4: You will be shown a message saying “ Let this person know they’ll need to be connected to the internet to log on for the first time”. Make sure you are connected to the internet and click Finish to create your Windows Live (Hotmail) user account for Windows 8.


Now you can login to Windows 8 with your Windows Live account.

Enter Password

As mentioned above, you can also use a third-party service provider ID such as from a Gmail account, to make it your Windows 8 user account (login) ID. To do this, you can register for a Windows Live ID Passport from the link given below. This method was tested by using a Gmail account which had a Microsoft Passport enabled.

Sign Up For Windows Live Passport