How To Get Classic Start Menu In Windows 7

Many users preferred using the classic start menu in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unfortunately, this feature was scrapped from Windows 7, which left a lot of user quite unhappy.

Taskbar Classic Start Menu provides a way to bring back the classic start menu by adding an extra menu in Windows 7 system tray. This menu contains all the Classic Start Menu features. XP and Vista users can also benefit from this feature by adding an extra start menu to the system tray.

Just  launch Taskbar Classic Start Menu and configure settings according to your liking. These include icon size, column separation size, menu column size and displaying of common/personal programs. Avoid using large icons as the menu would takeover a large chunk of your desktop if the icons are large.


Taskbar Classic Start Menu resides in the system tray. Just click on the system tray icon to view start menu items. To reveal Settings again, double click the system tray icon.

Classic menu

Taskbar Classic Start Menu works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Taskbar Classic Start Menu