Make Your Photos Attractive By Refining Them With Perfect365 [Windows, Mac OS X And iOS]

Many a times our photos suffer from a dull look or  blemishes due to light and other variables that may affects their output. It can be quite irritating when something like this happens to snaps taken on a memorable occasion, like say a Birthday party or wedding anniversary.

Perfect365 is a feature rich and free software, which detects precise face elements and allows to completely refine your images to give them the attractive look that they deserve. With Perfect365 you can change the skin tone, eye size, smile width, teeth color, etc to make your images look more attractive. Perfect365 has the ability to detect 23 different faces within a picture. Pefect365 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS or you can get a free makeover online from the developer’s website.

Perfect365 only recognizes faces, so make sure that the selected image has faces clearly visible in it.

Click Makeover

After an image is loaded, you can retouch numerous aspects of the picture from the right hand side menu or select an automatic transformation option from options from the left side menu. The Instant Look options (located on the left side of the interface), provides a single click transformation method to give your images the organic, natural, glam, pure, smoky eyes, red lips, cat eyes, spice, late night or night time look (and more). You can even get a custom look to a specified image from right side options which allow removing blemishes and circles, whitening the teeth and skin color, softening skin color, removing shine from faces within snaps, increasing and reducing blush, slimming the face, lifting the cheeks,  changing the brightness of eyes and eye shape, enhancing noise, changing eye color, adding eye lashes, as well as adding lipstick and making the smile deeper. Once you have retouched an image, you can save it in JPG, PNG or BMP format.


Below is an example of how I changed the look of an image. The left image is the original picture, followed by the retouched photo. For testing purposes I retouched the transformed image by lifting the cheeks, widening the smile, changing the eye size and skin color.


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