Media Browser–Media Center Plugin For Watching Movies, Trailers, Podcasts & More

Media Browser is a Windows Media Center plugin that contains a comprehensive set of options for managing your media collection. It picks your collections from user-specified folder and provides IMDB information such as synopsis, cast details, rating, genre, etc. You can play your media on Windows Media Player and watch it on a media center TV with synopsis, picture slideshows and other details.  It also has a parental control feature which allows restricting content according to your selected criteria. It comes with a powerful interface for organizing your media collection, support for the built-in Windows Media Center Video Library strip (dvdid.xml), Media Browser extension (my movies.xml), metadata file detection, title search for movies and television, search options for trailers, subtitle search, option to integrate media players within WMC and option to fetch covers, posters, album art and the like for media content.

Media Browser will prompt you to configure settings on first run. You can add folders which contain your movies, TV shows, music, etc from the Media tab. This will allow it to organize your media library in Windows Media Center from the specified folders.


To add podcast subscriptions from a URL, head over to the Podcasts tab. This will create a podcast section in WMC for the management and viewing of your subscriptions within Windows Media Center.


The Plugins tab contains a large array of themes and plugins that you can add to watch movie trailers, detect meta data files, fetch high quality thumbnails, and get media information. There are also plugins for browsing intros and trailers, to get subtitles, etc.


The Display/Playback tab provides configuring viewing options like theme color, unwatched content detection, indexing options and so on. Whereas, the Parental Control feature provides the option to password protect and restrict content . You can block content according to rating which is automatically detected from IMDB for your added collections. You can also mount virtual drives for integration with Media Browser from the Extenders+ISO tab and add external players for supporting video playback from the External Players tab.


After you are done with the configurations, launch Windows Media Center and select Media Browser. The first time you open it in WMC you will get the option to enable metadata file detection, specifying old content according to a defined date and enabling automatic updates.


After which, you can simply browse through movie trailers, your added collection, podcasts and stream media content within Windows Media Center.


Your added collection will be automatically updated with IMDB synopsis, cast details and picture slideshows.


You can click Play to start playing your selected media with vibrant and robust options  in a more feature rich WMC.


It works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Media Browser