Problem: wmz file is attached to all outgoing emails

Problem: wmz file is attached to all outgoing emails

Having moved all users from a disjointed windows client platform (MS98, MSME, MS2K, MSXP) and possibly more importantly a disjointed Office platform (Office 97/2000/XP) to a uniform XP Pro SP2 with Office 2003 SB, our original database seems to be creating an image001.wmz file and attaching it to each email generated from Word 2003.

The users affected were previously using Office 2000.

The database is using Office 97 runtimes.

The problem appears to be that the database creates a coreldraw file within the word document (which is the company logo), I have installed the latest corel demo to ensure that file associations are present, but the .wmz file keeps being attached via email.

There are no signatures or templates defined for the user in question, and I have built her pc from scratch with standard WXP Pro / Office 2003SB.

Any ideas, as there is very little info regarding .WMZ files, or as to why they should be generated.

Solution : wmz file is attached to all outgoing emails

My suggestion to remedy this issue is to open the company logo in Corel Draw, then export (or save as) the logo as a GIF or JPG.  Then modify your e-mail template so that the GIF or JPG file gets inserted into the Word document instead of the Corel Draw file.  These files types are standard and should conform better with e-mail standards.