QTTabBar Allows Using Windows Explorer In Tabs

QTTabBar is a free software which allows working with Windows Explorer in tabs. You can also configure custom hotkeys to perform multiple functions, including moving forward or backward in Windows Explorer. In other words users can fulfill their long standing desire of using a tabbed interface for Windows Explorer, just like they do for modern browsers. This can help users multi-task and keep an eye on numerous tabs simultaneously and to improve their focus on tasks running (and open folders), within Windows Explorer.

open tabs

You will require logging off after installing QTTabBar for the changes to take effect. Once you log back in, you can enable QTTabBar by right clicking on the Windows Explorer toolbar and selecting the QTTabBar option. You can optionally also enable extra toolbars including the Button bar and Versatile bar.

right -click

To open a folder or system drive in a tab, choose New tab from Windows right click context menu.

Open in New tab

You can access and configure advanced options from the Settings button or by double clicking on the Windows Explorer toolbar.

Complete View

From here, you can enable a hotkey for almost any function, including closing, re-opening, switching and cloning tabs.  Similarly, you can configure attributes of second, third and fourth tab,as well as  sub-folder menu and tab group properties. QTTabBar also has a number of Plugins which can further enhance its productivity for you. You can add these from the developers page i.e. the Download link given at the end of this post.


QTTabBar works on the following Windows based operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download QTTabBar