Torrent Episode Downloader – Search And Download TV Show Episodes In HD In Windows, Mac & Linux

Torrent Episode Downloader (Ted) is a free software for searching and downloading TV show episodes via bit torrent from reliable sources. Ted comes with a built-in list of TV shows and displays a summary of each program with a list of episodes from each season. It can be used with Azureus, uTorrent, Tomato Torrent, Transmission and other commonly used torrent clients.

Make sure you have Java runtime before launching the setup, otherwise you will not be able to install Ted. As JRE is a pre-requisite for installing Ted. Click Add from the main interface, select a TV show from the list to download or use the search bar on top to locate TV shows and episodes for. You can go through this list to search for new episodes, download old ones and to find a related DVD. Check the Download in HD check box to get the best quality episodes.

Add show

New episodes can be checked from right-click menu, for added series. You can also set an automatic schedule for finding new episodes.


For more options, head over to the Extra drop down menu and select Preferences. The General tab can be used to schedule searching for new episodes after a time interval, e.g. every 60 minutes, managing the default folder (or path) for the downloaded Torrent file and so on.


The Look and Feel tab allows starting ted at system startup and getting alerts for new Torrent files that are found by ted.  Similarly, Advanced and Network tabs allow setting torrent features and proxy configurations (if required).


Disclaimer: It must be noted that while some shows like “ Mortal Kombat” are freely available, there are many shows that might not be available for free or can have copyright issues regarding their unauthorized distribution. Make sure you select a show which is legal to download and distribute, as we will not be held responsible if you use this software for violating copyrights.

Ted works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • MAC
  • Linux based operating system like Ubuntu.

Requirements: Java Runtime 5.0.

Download ted