View And Flip PDF Pages Like A Real Book With Flipping PDF Reader

Flipping PDF Reader is an alternative PDF reader for commonly used PDF readers such as Acrobat Reader and Nitro PDF. Flipping PDF Reader has a unique user interface which gives it a book like look. It provides a number of useful features such as the option to switch to a single or two page view, book shelf for viewing all accessed documents, a thumbnail preview of the table of contents, a customizable interface and the utility to scroll pages with the mouse pointer.

PDF files can be opened by either associating  Flipping PDF Reader as your default PDF reader or from the File drop down menu. By default a two page view is displayed, however, you can switch to a single page view by using the Zoom option to change the focus of the current document to a single page. The table of contents can be viewed in list form or as Thumbnails. Pages can also be flipped by clicking on the arrow buttons at the bottom and the right/left corners of the main interface.

Two Pane

Like any PDF reader, it provides many common options for printing, searching, zooming the PDF pages and using hotkeys for performing functions quickly.

Single View

Some of the most handy hotkeys include Enter for Zoom, Space or Right Arrow keys for Next Page, Space or Left Arrow for Previous Page and ESC to switch to Bookshelf.


All currently viewed PDF documents automatically get stored on the book shelf and can be viewed by clicking the Home button from the main interface.

Book Shelf View

You can change interface colors to customize every aspect of Flipping PDF Reader by going to View –> Color Settings. For example, you can change button, background, panel, text and header colors, etc to customize the look of Flipping PDF Reader interface.

Customize Interface

Flipping PDF Reader works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Flipping PDF Reader