WiFi Network Backup Manager Saves And Loads WiFi Connection Settings

Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager makes it easy to save and load Wi-Fi network profile settings without having to remember complicated network configurations. It allows saving an XML file of your wireless connection , which can be loaded in any other or the same computer (when required) to instantly load your Wi-Fi connection settings. Using Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager you can save and load a number of wireless connection settings (e.g. for home and office), to easily restore them later on.

Just select a wireless network from the list and click Save to create an XML file with your wireless connections settings.


You can load your Wi-Fi connection settings anytime. To instantly setup your Wi-Fi connection, click Load (from Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager) and choose the previously saved XML file. This will load your Wireless connection. Such measures can also be handy for system administrators who require WIFI setups on multiple computers.


Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager