WireFrames: What They Are And Why You Need Them?

When it comes to creating a web design, it is too easy for beginners to get distracted by the too many options available over the Internet that can be used for producing highly interactive design. Right from choosing a suitable typeface from a wide collection of free fonts available online, to picking the right color scheme from a myriad of color combinations, and so on, making an informed decision about Continue Reading →

Why Do You Need a Responsive Website?

Presenting your website on the mobile is not a “premium” value added service anymore! In fact, with 20% of the organic searches originating for the Smart phones, Mobile marketing and compatible online presentation is now a “must” and not a “fancy outreach gimmick” any more.  Online marketers and the organizations that believe in capitalizing on their web presence started penetrating in the mobile generated web traffic at least a decade Continue Reading →

3 Ways Virtual Offices Are Changing The Workplace

Virtual offices are great examples of just how much the Digital Revolution has changed the world. From our healthcare system to our entertainment media, digital technology has changed nearly every aspect of the modern human life. We use computers to learn, to research, to entertain, and to heal.

Watch Star Lord Vs Ronan Dance Off in Guardians Of The Galaxy Blu-ray Featurette

Bloopers Dance Off - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray Featurette Clip 9

In a recent release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray Featurette, you can now see Peter Quill aka Star Lord dance off against Ronan. Instead of a confused look, followed by a question ‘what are you doing?” Ronan accepts the dance off challenge and says “You’re On”.

Free Partition Software To Fix Low Disk Space Problem For Windows Users

Windows system reports low disk space alert message on any disk partition on your PC? Do you want to look for a way to fix the low disk space problem on the partition that has no free space? IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, as free partition magic software for Windows users, can help with partition resizing with a few mouse clicks and keep all data on the disk untouched.

Coloring Pages For Android: Childrens Virtual Coloring Book

If you really care about your kids you should know that coloring games are the one of best ways to them develop skills and exercise their brains. Hopefully with the latest tech devices we can use at home, including your computer, we can let our children to use coloring pages apps in our smartphones or tablets.

Technology Options For Your Business

Every business that is getting ready to announce the world its existence, i.e. to start being present and visible online should be aware of all the advantages of such a movement, but also of all the dangers and inconveniences that might await you there. It is especially important for people who are not on the same wavelength with the modern technology that they ask for advice and think twice before Continue Reading →

Why Are Landing Pages The Most Important Pages Of Your Website?

The point of every website is to sell something; if not in a direct way, through straightforward sell-buy relation, then later. Even those people who write blogs on their everyday routines and their opinions of the world and society have some sort of a tendency to sell something. If not for money, then for attention they receive.