Instantly Perform Google Map Search In Chrome With Google Maps Fast Easy Search

Google Maps Fast Easy Search is aChromeextension that allows user to instantly search locations via Google Maps. All that is required is to click Google Maps icon next to the address bar and enter your desired location to initiate search on Google Maps. It also provide location suggestions to help you with searching one specific location quickly. Since it integrates with Chrome right-click context menu, search can also be performed Continue Reading →

Nautilus Actions Extra Adds More Features To Ubuntu Right-Click Menu

Scripts have always been a great way of enhancing the functionality of the Nautilus file browser. A good example is the Shred File Script, which allows securely erasing your data. Nautilus Actions Extra is a set of scripts for Nautilus 3, which adds a number of useful options to the Ubuntu right-click menu. The available scripts and actions include advanced search, check file type, calculate file size, verify, view and Continue Reading →

Add Any Program Or Folder To Windows Send To Menu With sendtosendto

The Windows Send To option in right-click context menu makes it easy to move files to system locations. sentosendto is a shell extension which lets you add new entries to the Windows Send To menu located in the right-click menu. You can use sentosento for adding more programs and folders to the Windows Sent to menu. this can make it easy to open and send files using the Windows right-click Continue Reading →

Preview Images In Windows Right Click Menu With FastPreview

FastPreview is a right-click enhancement software which displays a thumbnail preview of images inside Windows context menu. Clicking on the thumbnail preview opens the image in FastPreview viewer and is automatically scaled to fit your screen. FastPreview support more than 30 image formats and adds a new tab in image properties, which displays EXIF, ITPC and XMP information.

Upload Photos & Videos To Facebook From Desktop & Right-Click Menu

Upload Rabbit for Facebook is a Windows software for uploading photos and videos to Facebook via drag and drop or Windows right click menu. You can directly upload photos to multiple Facebook accounts. The uploaded photos can be sent to a selected album, a new album or posted to wall. The main interface of Upload Rabbit is quite similar to a Mac window, despite the fact that it is a Continue Reading →

How To Increase Download Speed In Chrome & Internet Explorer, FileServe Manager

FileServe Manager is a free download manager which integrates with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to  provide accelerated download speed. You can also add individual URLs separately to download or select FileServe option by right clicking on a download link. It even resumes broken downloads which eliminates the need to restart a download from scratch.

Bleeding Edge Installs Software Not Available In Ubuntu Repositories

Many software and updates are not available from Ubuntu repositories which makes it hard to find alternative third-party repositories to download software and updates. Bleeding Edge is an open source shell script for 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu versions which allows easily installing software, repositories and keys. It contains many software which you are unlikely to find in the Ubuntu repository. The available software and packages include Getdeb, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Windows Right Click Menu With Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a windowstweak which enables fully customizing the Windows right-click context menu with custom shortcuts to files, folders and programs. Moreover, you can also add custom shortcuts to My Computer and the Control Panel according to your liking. Other than adding items to the right-click menu, you can also add system paths (to send files to), encrypt or decrypt documents and  folders. Below are instructions for using Continue Reading →

Syncs Any Folder With Dropbox From Ubuntu & Debian Right-Click Menu

Dropbox is a great resources for synchronizing data with the cloud. However, sometimes it can be quite annoying to crawl through various system paths to locate a folder and then to send it to the Dropbox. A more convenient method can be to use the right-click menu to perform such tasks. Dropbox Share is a Linux app which provides the convenience of syncing any file or folder with Dropbox from Continue Reading →