Stream Movies And TV Shows From PC Or Mac To iPhone With VLC Streamer

VLC Streamer is an iOS app which allows users to watch movies or TV shows on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices from their computer. The app can be used for streaming content right from a PC or Mac computer to an iDevice. This makes it possible to enjoy your favorite shows on a mobile device without the need for using complex video conversion applications. With the help of this app Continue Reading →

Get Movie Recommendations On iPhone With Similar Movies

There are many services and apps which offer movie recommendations according to the films that are searched by the user. Similar Movies is one such app which provides movie recommendations according to movies searched by the user. With this free iOS app, you can search for films and get an auto-generated list of similar movies that match the search criteria. Similar Movies, uses several indicators to isolate films that may Continue Reading →

Wirelessly Share Videos Between Mac, iPhone And iPad With MovieShare

MovieShare is a free app for Mac OS X and iOS devices which makes it easy to share video files between your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. With the help of MovieShare you can avoid going through iTunes to copy video files. This makes it easy for iOS and Mac users to share movies with friends Using any Wi-Fi network.

Watch Free Movies And TV Shows On Windows Phone With Crackle

Ever wanted to watch your favorite TV Show episodes and the latest movies on your Windows Phone for free? Try Crackle. Unlike Hulu Plus, you do not require signing up or paying any fee to watch movies or TV shows. Crackle resolves the problem of being unable to stream all the good content via Hulu from outside USA. While Crackle does not support all countries, however there are a number Continue Reading →

New Features Of Kindle Fire Update 6.3

A new update for Kindle Fire has been rolled out with some interesting new features. For those of you with rooted devices, you will loose root access with the update, which can be regained by following these steps: How To Root Kindle Fire Running Software Version 6.3. As for the new features, there have been some new sharing, movie rental, Amazon Silk Browser and numerous other additions that have been Continue Reading →

Create Chapters For MKV Videos In One Minute With MKV Chapterizer

MKV Chapterizer is an easy to use free software, which can be used to create chapters for MKV Video.  It takes just a few minutes to create chapters according to your defined time frame. This can be useful for adding chapters to MKV videos for quickly switching between different segments of a Movie, TV Show,Documentary, etc.

Windows 7 Theme Manager Downloads HD Wallpapers By Category

Windows 7 Theme Manager is an easy to use software which enables downloading beautiful HD wallpapers by categories such as Movies, TV, Cars, Sports, Animals, Abstract, Games, Landscape, 3D,Celebrities, etc. It downloads selected themes from its database of professionally designed wallpapers forWindows 7. Its built in catalogue can be set to download updated versions of selected themes as newer versions become available. You can also switch themes with a single Continue Reading →

Get Free High Resolution Covers For Movies & TV Shows With Synopsis, Movie411


Movie411 is a portable software which allows downloading High Resolution covers, as well as synopsis and other detailed information for Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows. This can be useful formovie and TV buffs who prefer keeping their digital collection organized with appropriate movie covers, synopsis, cast, director, rating, runtime and other relevant information. The downloading of required information and covers is not dependent on having the video file of the Continue Reading →

Watch Mortal Kombat Legacy Complete Series Here

The Mortal Kombat characters have returned with the rest of the season 1 episodes (web series by Warner Bros). This prequel to the original movie is now nearing it’s end, with speculations of the moving releasing in 2013. It is likely that this web series might be a lead up to a proper TV series before the movie is released. There is even an IMDB page which is showing the Continue Reading →

Find Subtitles In Any Language For Movies In Chrome With Subtitles Search

Subtitles Search is a Chrome extension that allows searching for movie subtitles in multiple languages from the Chrome browser, which can then be added to your movies separately. This allows being able to watch the movie with subtitles in English as well as your native language (if available).