Lock Windows Screen Automatically By A Pre-Set Time (Screen Locker)

Screen Locker is a portable software which allows you to schedule locking your Windows screen. When the main screen is locked, it gets disabled until the specified time limit is reached. This ensures that no one can mess with your computer in your absence, even if it has no password. For example, you can schedule the locking and unlocking of your computer screen according to your lunch break time at Continue Reading →

Clear All Printer Queues In One Click With Flush Print Jobs

Sent too many commands to your printer? Is there a huge printer job queue which piles up every now and then and takes forever to manually delete? Use Flush Print Jobs. It is a portable software which clears the printer queue in a single click. This can be useful for system administrators, as well as home users who have to face too many printer job queues due to usage by Continue Reading →

Add Any Program Or Folder To Windows Send To Menu With sendtosendto

The Windows Send To option in right-click context menu makes it easy to move files to system locations. sentosendto is a shell extension which lets you add new entries to the Windows Send To menu located in the right-click menu. You can use sentosento for adding more programs and folders to the Windows Sent to menu. this can make it easy to open and send files using the Windows right-click Continue Reading →

Renders And Save Microsoft Tags In Image Formats [Microsoft Tag Reader]

What is Microsoft Tag? High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) is a Microsoft developed technology for encoding data in a 2D “barcode” using clusters of colored triangles instead of the square pixels associated with 2D barcodes. This is similar to a QR Code used for mobile phones. How To Render Microsoft Tag (PDF and RAW formats)? Microsoft Tag is an implementation of HCCB using 4 colors in a 5 x 10 Continue Reading →

YouTube Statistics Software Saves Specified YouTube Video Stats

YouTube Statistics is a desktop application for fetching stats for YouTube videos. It obtains YouTube video information such as the number of raters, total views, likes, dislikes, average score, etc for specified vireos. You can also save the stats to an Excel sheet. this software can be useful for keeping track of your uploaded and favorite YouTube videos.

IP Traffic Spy Monitors Network Traffic For Incoming & Outgoing Connections

IP Traffic Spy is an open source software which displays the incoming and outgoing data from your wireless and wired network connection to help you identify traffic coming from malicious sources and to see if your outgoing information is encrypted. You can also add IPs to monitor for security reasons. For example, you might be interested in checking incoming information from an IP for security reasons.

Edit Windows Run Dialog Box History With WindowsRunHistoryEditor

Run commands (from the Run dialog box in Windows start menu) are used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. The Run command is accessible through the Windows Start menu and also through the shortcut key Win+R. It is also available in other operating system such as Gnome based operating systems like Ubuntu,in which it is accessed from ALT+F2. WindowsRunHistoryEditor is a portable list editor for Continue Reading →

Create Language Tests To Learn New Languages With Open Teacher

Open Teacher is an open source free software which can be used to create tests for improving your foreign language skills. It allows creating a list of pre-defined words with translations in another language for creating tests to analyze your learning skills. Open Teacher is a cross-platform software and therefore, works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The created lists and tests can be saved and loaded periodically checking Continue Reading →