Search And Download Free TV Shows With MySeries For (Windows & Linux)

Recently we reviewed Torrent Episode Downloader which provides the utility of searching and downloading TV show episodes via bit torrent clients. Today, we’ve discovered a better tool called MySeries. It is a feature rich and portable application which is designed to help you in both creating and managing TV series database, finding episode lists, downloading torrents for searched episodes. You can easily create your own catalog for series/episodes, mark episodes as watched, search and download subtitles for selected episodes, get notifications for new episodes and do much more.

Installation Guide Lines:

Step1. Unzip the file in a folder.

Step 2. To start the program you’ll need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. It’s possible that JRE is already installed. If not, you can download the version for your Operation System from here.
Step 3. Start the program by double clicking myseries.jar. (You can also start it by clicking win-start.bat for Windows , or for Linux).

Step 4. When you launch MySeries for the first time, it will ask you to specify the name for a new database. This will create a database to help you manage your TV series episodes.


Now, click  Add TV Series button present on the toolbar to enter the details of T.V series you wish to download. You can also specify the source directory where all the episodes of T.V serial in question are lying, so that it can catalog all of them under one hood. Once required details are added, click Add.


It’ll  automatically search and provide you with the list of available episodes for the T.V serial.


Now simply right click on an episode name to download a torrent file or subtitles for the episode. This can be quite convenient for tracking episode guides, downloading episodes and subtitles.


From Ratings tab, you can manage rating information for the TV shows, whereas the RSS tab is, however, a more robust option which can be convenient for subscribing RSS feeds for your favorite shows to make sure that you don’t miss any upcoming episodes.


Despite being a Java based application, it is surprisingly light as compared to common Java-based apps and takes only 27MB of main memory.

It works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu

Disclaimer: It must be noted that while some shows like “ Mortal Kombat” are freely available, there are many shows that might not be available for free or can have copyright issues regarding their unauthorized distribution. Make sure you select a show which is legal to download and distribute, as we will not be held responsible if you use this software for violating copyrights.

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