How To Increase Or Decrease Default Windows Border Size In Windows 8 And Windows 7


Tiny Windows Borders is a portable application to tweak the width of Windows borders. This tool can be used with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems and does not require the user to log off for the changes to take effect. The reason one might wish to use this tool is that some people are simply not satisfied with the width of the default Windows borders (e.g. ~3px Continue Reading →

How To Keep Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Minimized By Default

The Windows Explorer Ribbon in Windows 8 has added many of the commonly used shortcuts, in a ribbon like form, on top of the Windows Explorer window. While this may be useful for identifying Windows Explorer options quickly, it might also been seen as obstructive because the new Ribbon interface consumes more desktop space. I believe that Microsoft should have provided an easy option to optionally keep this ribbon minimized Continue Reading →

How To Disable Full Row Select, Enable Column Headers & Icon Reordering [Windows]

Folder Options X is an Windows Explorer add-on which allows adding and removing some Windows Explorer features for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It allows adding headers to Windows Explorer (to help users easily identify the name, type, modification date, etc of files and folders), enabling icon reordering and disabling of full row selection. Using Folder Options X is easy, as all you need to do is to launch the Continue Reading →

How To Auto Hide, Remove Or Restore Windows 7 Command Bar

Windows Explorer Command Bar provides access to many handy utilities such as the Windows default DVD burner, Folder and Search options (via Organize), New Folder creation shortcut, etc. However, there is no option in Windows to auto hide or remove the command bar to get more viewing space (unlike the taskbar). Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker is a portable application which can auto-hide or completely remove the Windows Explorer Command Continue Reading →

4t Tray Minimizer Allows To Pin, Roll & Hide Windows To System Tray

4t Tray Minimizer is a Window management tool which adds additional buttons on top of all windows. These buttons can be used to: Minimize active windows to system tray Roll up windows Make current window transparent And pin windows It also allows you to use hotkeys to quickly perform tasks. During the 4t setup, you are provided the option to enable hotkeys for various functions, these include, minimizing applications to Continue Reading →

Use Mouse Gestures To Perform Windows Tasks With Gest

Gest is a free portable program, which runs from the system tray and adds mouse gesture support for Windows Explorer (the program on your computer that allows you to navigate through your files and folders). This is similar to the mouse gestures that you see in modern web browsers. In other words you can perform simple tasks by holding down the right mouse button and drawing a few lines (for Continue Reading →

Fix Complex Windows Issues In A Single Click With Crisis Aversion Tool

Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) is a portable software which helps users in resolving complex Windows issues in a single click. It provides a large number of fixes and solutions for Flash Player, Windows Shutdown, Internet Explorer, Windows Shell, USB Drives, checking a file for malware via Virus Total, and much more. CAT is quite a useful tool as it resolves complex issues within a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) which Continue Reading →

QTTabBar Allows Using Windows Explorer In Tabs

QTTabBar is a free software which allows working with Windows Explorer in tabs. You can also configure custom hotkeys to perform multiple functions, including moving forward or backward in Windows Explorer. In other words users can fulfill their long standing desire of using a tabbed interface for Windows Explorer, just like they do for modern browsers. This can help users multi-task and keep an eye on numerous tabs simultaneously and Continue Reading →