IObit Malware Fighter – Antivirus With Cloud Security

Many antivirus and malware protection software do not protect systems from network related threats. Such threats are mostly likely to come from p2p (peer to peer) programs such as torrent clients. When we share files across the internet or connect via p2p, there is always a risk of catching malware form an infected system. IObit Malware Fighter is a free anti-malware protection software that not only provides general protection, but also has enhanced network and cloud security features.

The main interface displays a graphical summary of the scanned and blocked objects. This data can also be viewed in a report format by clicking on the Report button at the bottom of the graph. All visible stats are a reflection of the real-time protection shield that is guarding the system.

Main Interface

Three kinds of scan options can be used for scanning the system namely, Smart Scan ( for a quick scan), Full Scan (for a thorough scan) and Custom Scan (for customized scanning options).


IObit Malware Fighter provides eight real time protection features. These include a Startup Scan, Process Guard, Network Guard, File Guard, Cookie Guard, Browser Guard, USB Disk Guard and Malicious Action Guard. Other than having protection for the bowser, the Cookie Guard is a good feature to have for a resident shield, as many malicious software can often be transmitted or disguised as cookies. Malicious Action Guard is also a rare feature to find in anti-malware software, as most protection software are mainly concentrated towards eliminating virus and malware only. The Malicious Action Guard can be useful in controlling Rootkits from obtaining Administrative privileges and taking over your system. Any of the protection features can be disabled by clicking on the respective buttons.


Cloud security is quite a unique feature of this program. Files can be uploaded to the IObit cloud, from where it uses Heuristic Analyzing mechanic to identify the behavior of any possible Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Keylogger, Bot, Worm, Hijacker and the like.


Users can also configure advanced settings via the Settings button located on the top of the main interface. From here protection priority levels, update settings, scan options, etc can be adjusted. IObit uses heuristic scanning techniques to identify mischievous software attributes to identify malicious programs.


Although we did not find any functionality problems while testing this software, however, as it is in the beta stage of development, therefore you may run into some bugs and functionality problems. Such issues can be sent to the IObit administration via the Send Feedback option visible on the main interface. The software works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download IObit Malware Fighter